‘ What Just Happened, And What Is Going On

Seriously, LOL, I don’t know what happened…..it saved an apostrophe (in the title box) as a post…I left it there…LOL…I don’t know what key or key combination I hit and my post screen was gone, and it saved an apostrophe as a post….and it would NOT let me cancel the post and get rid of it, an empty post..LOL… is this a cosmic message of some kind????   If so, I may need help interpreting it.  While I am here, LOL, I figured I might as well write something. You know, to fill in the empty space….LOL.

Strange occurrence…Last night, I was in my kitchen, heating up a verrrrrrrrry late dinner. I do not drink more than an occassional glass of wine, so NO, I was not inebriated. Nor High on anything.

On one of the cabinets near the island there is a pendant on a chain, hanging from the nob of the glass cabinet door, you know the cabinet that has a glass insert so you can see the nicer dishes or serving bowls that are inside.

This pendant is a metal chain, with two dolphins facing each other so they form a heart shape. It is a little heavy and Emilee did not really wear it, but liked it hanging there in the kitchen. At some point in warming my dinner in the microwave, I turned and noticed the pendant was swinging, not just a small, tiny movement as it does with run of the mill air movement, but moving enough as if I had given it a tap to make it swing.

I started talking to Emilee, who is now gone, eleven months on December 31, 2017. I thought maybe it was from the microwave fan. Well, honestly?, that was NOT my first thought. My first thought was, if you will forgive me, HOLY SHIT. WTF, and a few other spine tingling, goose bumping feelings and yes some happy feelings and a laugh, and conversation somewhat one sided I guess, although I was hearing what she might have been saying to me. And, it was just overall, both comforting, and God Damn SPOOKY.

I did an experiment today, because I was just too amazed last night to think anything other than, “What the HELL just happened here” and WOW, you really are close by, and are You trying to tell me that you are near and watching out for me and you really are my guardian angel, and you are doing your best to keep me from getting into any kind of trouble that I won’t be able to get out of, and you are doing your best to point me in certain directions?????? Whew, yes, I was thrilled and a little rattled at the same time.

So, I did an experiment. I put something in the microwave and watched to see if the pendant moved. Nothing. I mean NADA. NOTHING. So, I now have no “logical” explanation. NONE. I think she might have even created this post out of an apostrophe, so I would remember to write about this incident.

The wind is still a little knocked out of me on this, and when I think about it, I get a little out of breath, you know, my breath gets caught or hung up as if I am gasping in, as if in surprise, and then holding my breath for a couple of seconds, and breathing shallow, like starting to hyperventilate, and I have to consciously tell myself to take a full breath and just breathe. Maybe you can tell by my sentences what my breathing is like.

There have been other things (earing under my bed, also one on the living room rug, a junk phone call with a recorded voice two days after she died that said, “This is Emilee”, no, not her voice , but still verrry freaky, and other things as well, like a sign at this big BIG nursery for an obscure plant that no one, I mean NO ONE, knows its name but it is a favorite of ours to put in our window boxes, it is called a Gazania, a very hardy African daisy), but this is by far the most dramatic and just plain blatantly convincing to me that there is more going on than we understand.

I believe. Like the cowardly lion in the Wizard of OZ, in the haunted forest, his mantra… I do believe, I do believe in ghosts, I do, I do, I do…I did before, but my belief is even stronger now. I thank her for letting me know she is around. There is just sooooo much that we do NOT know, and I will remain open to most things until I die myself, because I refuse to be so arrogant as to say it could not be possible.

This is Neal Harvey….good day!!   May we all have peace in every breath that we are blessed to take.