Roe v. Wade – Really?

I am trying to understand why I am having such a visceral reaction to a handful of supreme court justices  deciding what a woman can or cannot do with her body, thus making way for the reactionary states to infringe on women’s rights to abort a pregnancy.


Since women aren’t capable of making choices about their own body, I imagine they aren’t capable of intelligent decision making as to voting. Thus, it’s only a matter of time before states decide whether or not women can vote. Then, conservative states will infringe on another constitutional right that they will determine was wrongly bestowed.  Better watch out.


Furthermore, speaking of penal codes, since a male’s sperm is potential life, I imagine a man’s right to a vasectomy may be on the cutting room floor. Circumcision also will be outlawed for some insane, science-denial reason as well. In this way, the penis will be subjected to fair and equal regulation, if fair and equal ever becomes a consideration. 


Of course, once the court hears the inevitable upcoming cases, masturbation will be outlawed as well, again to protect the life of sperm and potential conjugation with an egg. Now, this is getting personal.


Wow, can you imagine the trickle down effect of that? I think the porn industry would probably lobby and blackmail the hell out of legislators and pay off the judges to prevent that from happening. 


And if the Supreme Court outlawed all sex without the intent to produce a child, well, there goes the sex industry,  which is probably keeping at least a third (not sure how to fact check this) of the male population mentally stable. (The sex industry is huge, with sex markets estimated to be worth anywhere from $40 million to $290 million in each of seven of eight cities profiled in the government-sponsored report by the Urban Institute. Mar 14, 2014. see link at end for this.)


The ensuing mental instability would cause more gun shootings and massacres (usually by male offenders) made easier by the Supreme Court making gun ownership and concealed carry, less restrictive. 


I guess that would be okay, because we would need more population control  due to the abortion restrictions and devastating blow to the sex industry and resulting increase in rape. 


And so now we have come full circle. Maybe they have figured all of this out. I don’t think so. 


Perhaps the visceral reaction in my gut and pelvic region is a response of sheer terror and disgust  that a progressive ruling of law that has been in place for forty-nine years (Roe v. Wade, 1973) has been overturned by, how many women judges?


Please, my sarcasm is not meant to discount the seriousness of this, or how upset I am. I think the ruling absurd and a foreboding of danger. I feel nauseated. Is it still legal for me to puke with disgust? What will be taken next? What part of my anatomy will be on the chopping block? It is only a matter of time.  And skin color? Country of origin? Religion? Sexual orientation? LGBTQ rights? Same sex marriage? I am profoundly disturbed.


Where is my country I grew up proud of? Where is forward thinking? Love and compassion? Where is the future when the present feels so dismal?


Two links. One, to a case summary and history of Roe v. Wade which I found informative, and one as to what to look for in the future.  And one copy and paste link for the study on the sex industry.–wade-case-summary–what-you-need-to-know.html