A Poetry Dilemma, Serious or Humor With A Tremor

Maybe you, too, will laugh at the choice of my lines in a poem,…serious versus a chuckle…just take note, and then vote…lol…just kidding…I like both….. will just have to be a poem with alternative lines to read….. give the reader something to laugh at (I almost peed).  The second choice just got carried away from a couple of lines into a poem, of sorts, LOL.


Released from jaws locked in death’s grip
the throat gasps the elixir of life to take another sip
and no the rest of this is not done
because I chose the one below, for now, that has some fun
and another day I will get serious to work on this one

humor and a rapping beat:

Released from jaws locked in DEATH’S grope
Not THIS time Charlie, someone just threw ME a rope
I ain’t nobody’s dope
just watch me grope
with expert use of my sleuthy (or slathering, sudsy, lathering) soap down a slippery slope
I got friends to help me cope and yeah they are holding on to the other end of this rope
So DEATH why don’t you just go choose someone else to scope
And leave me for another day with my friend HOPE (with whom I might just elope)

This is Neal Harvey…..good day!! May we all have peace in every breath we are blessed to take.