The Space – A Poem

The first poem of 2018

A poem that has to do with NOTHING and EVERYTHING

And an interesting observation just noted….it is 18 lines for 2018, and 18 is good luck as it means

“CHAI” or life in hebrew. So let it be written. So let it be done (Yul Brenner)


The Space

Silence lingering between the in and out, the wake,

Simple space between breaths I take

A still pause, alluring pregnant thoughts

Poised, as sweat marks struggle the wrestler fought

Glistening drips of dew they wait and dwell,

Beads on leaves run to rivulets that collide and swell

And linger on this still, silent ship,

Colliding, gathering, prepared to drip

Hover as prey poised to pounce

Sinew coiled to explode with every ounce

Of power to thrash that thought, that prey to flounce

Into a burst of soiled white snow

As I struggle with the letting go

Who is thrashing who, it blurs and I no longer know

Wait, the wait is killing me

Why I can’t just let them be

Free my prey with mercy, compassion once again

Practice, practice I cling to, now… and zen.


Neal Harvey… good day! And, may we all have peace in every breath we are blessed to take.

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