Poem – Beauty

As shutter and lens attempt to put a frame on shape and form
It is light and hues allowing Beauty to be worn
Once born She naturally seduces the camera’s eye
but still does the real question belie
How is beauty carried inside the eye (or I)?
Is she haughty, flaunty overly proud
Or subtle, humble, less than loud?
The mark on her lip like Monroe
Intelligence well-read does she acknowledge what she does not know?
So much so much to maintain
As life’s doling out the gamut of joys with suffering, hurts, and pain
So how does beauty erode in time, leathered skin aged by the sun’s shine?
Is she gracious, and at peace with nature’s way?
Or bitter at her losses And scars she’s borne along the way?
Can she embrace the light inside called now or is the future wrestling wrinkles on her brow ?
And who named her, who defined beauty, anyhow?
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NmK This is Neal Harvey…good day. May we all have peace in every breath we are blessed to take.