SCHMCOTUS – What It Means and Why I Need This Word


I need to re-Define the word  SCHMCOTUS. But first, why do I need such a word? Necessity inspires me, hence the saying, necessity is the Mother of invention. It is a Mother alright.

Ignoramus became insufficient as a descriptor to alleviate my feeling incredulous at the enormous credulous population who are his supporters. People who eagerly rise to mass Hysteria duped by someone whipping, igniting and manipulating their crowd mentality at mass rallies, as well as being swayed by his use of Facebook to incite, anger, condemn and alarm. Therefore, I invented “schmcotus”.

Stupid, Can’t, Help, Myself, Chief of the Unconscious Syncopaths. A syncopath is one who has a lack of Consciousness due to insufficient blood flow to the brain. I am taking some liberty or poetic license in my use of the word even though my phrasing, unconscious syncopaths is redundant. I need it for the acronym. Now, that we have the word’s derivation, can I use it in a sentence?

His depravity keeps astounding me, constantly reaching new depths previously unheard of for a president, but his depravity is outstanding behavior for a schmcotus.

Neal Harvey … Good Day