Poem – Love, Loss, Carry On

Love, Loss, Carry On


flighting bites

silly sounds do delight

frightful flights

someone please dim the lights

bug splattered windshield and too much glare

straining to see what was really there




convoluted emotions swirl

I saw her as a young girl

Tortured, pulled, torn, abused

a rag doll

stretched on a rack

her limits tested and still some parts survived

her childhood stolen she’ll never get back

at least we had joy with willful Babe her playful child

even though at times she was untamed and wild

her memories that stained a slate once clean

can’t erase, won’t scrub out not even with Mr. Clean

put Humpty Dumpty

together again

but never quite exactly the same

her many parts came unglued,

split apart

and for a while chaos ensued

but Dr. Psychology helped her construe

as close as possible a structure which would do.

put back together, a consequence, depression shadowed the days

since her children no longer had separate ways

they were used to having more space

now crowded, all of them into one place

one face

one voice,

that had been so many

ohhh how my heart aches and burns to hear but one

but no, Spirit’s work is long been done

and I left bereft her warmth to enfold

myself to comfort and to hold

to hear her laugh, to touch her smile

now in my heart mile after mile

her Spirit tugs and lifts

works to upturn the corners of my lips

as melancholy sweeps my veins

she counters with tooth and nail her wings a flutter

they beat,

whoosh and hammer love,

and I mortal cannot resist

the magic she does, my spirits to lift,

swell all the love inside to give.