Sam Talks about Attachments, Letting Go, Being Captain of His Ship

It’s like my friend Ick (Intuitive Counseling Kindness) told me (I am Sam, Seasonal Affective Management):

Don’t get too attached to the Sun, (I grieve sometimes when it leaves)
Like, don’t get too attached to Anyone,
Live and feel, Yes, but attached, No.
As he would say,
all things come and all things go,

So, don’t get stuck on sad inside

when the sun goes behind the clouds to hide,

It, as all things, stays for a while, with you,

then they go their own way, disappear sometimes without even saying toot-a-loo,

So stay light on your feet not heavy and, like a bee, float,

on top of the waves like a buoy or a boat,

you can’t see anything but waves and you lose your ability to speak

and know as you ride sunken troughs which feel really bleak,

you will come right back up as the wave crests and reaches its peak,

and if you hang on (white knuckles holdin’ on for life) for the rough part of the trip,

though storms come and go, you, being the captain of the ship,

if you stay present and just take care of your keister and your keel,

and even when it’s rocky you allow yourself to feel,

then with each storm you weather you carry your melody like a seasoned cherished song,

you’ll feel more confident with more ability to hang on and in, each time as you move and sing along.

Ick so wisely told me this the other day, something I sure wish my dad had known how to say,

and he said this,

“It’s not what you do in your life, It’s how you are while you’re doing it,”

Now, that’s a gem, a nugget to behold,

as I keep learning and grow to get older but not old,

I could be doing the worst job no one else wants to do,

and I could be doing it while getting dark, dark blue,

or, I could do it with a light in my soul, with love to share,

Great Spirit inside me will know I live each moment as progress

towards being less stuck and more Aware,

I don’t need riches and I don’t need prestige,

I need to live with honor, my own captain, my Spirit, as my liege.


Neal Klein