Poetry Collection One 2019


Her soul forever with me, I feel her in my heart

Physically no longer present, love and spirit never apart


She sees and hears and knows, what I think and what I feel,

Sometimes I recognize the signs, sometimes not sure they’re real


Her soul now lives as part of mine, her voice a harmony tight and neat,

Our resonance thus combined, makes my melody more complete


Notes and words and rhythms, not possible to do alone,

Torn through the ache of loss and grief, I know my heart has grown



Dream’s wide-eyed hoot owl

Grasp, it alights, conscious howls

Empty hand cries foul


Lies yon mystery

Roiling waves unconsciously

Ride the dream in me


Mysteries to find

Double helix on my mind

Visions twist and wind


Beta to them all

“Alpha, delta, theta,” calls

“Prepare for the fall”


Echoes in the caves

Canyons’ synapses sound waves

Breathe, rest, trust, catch, save


Drifting cloud a spy

Floats lazily in blue sky

Through to my mind’s eye


HAZE (Just Beyond My Vision)

dreams linger still, straining to fly,
threatening to dissolve,
fog vanishing as I try,
grasping vapor’s mist, droplets inside my closing fist,
desperate to hold images my consciousness can’t quite untwist,
fleeting mysteries glimpsed and groped,
symbols my unconscious gently hoped,
leaving crumbs, found clues,                                                                                                                                    deep longings, forgotten dormant stacks of delicate dishes,

leaving me detective, to uncover buried hopes preserved, antiquities’ priceless wishes



Silence in the woods no silent sigh
Not my and no human cry
Still I, am many voices shared
Wren chatters, Robin chuckles
Leaves under squirrels’ feet crumble

Silence in the woods, no silent sigh                                                                                                                Wizened trees hum in ancient tongues                                                                                                                        a secret language without voice is sung                                                                                                           through their feet they speak old weathered truths                                                                                                 a switchboard party line of underground roots

Silence in the woods no silent sigh
Wind whistles through limbs bared
Sun warms all that soak it there
Rocks collecting shimmering waves of heat
Twigs sing songs under my feet

Silence in the woods no silent sigh
Mother’s discordant arrhythmic rise and fall
Needs no salubrious hail or call
Mother’s un-silent symphonic creation
Open invitation, open for all


Thought Borne

from the pen a river flowed
synaptic sparks on meninges sowed
where images’ electricity flew
from brain to finger to pen that drew


Sunset Spoke

G’night sun dipping low
Below horizon’s pillow
Shy dusk blushing pink



One hand touching hand
Palm to Palm Across great space
Speaking without words


Answer me

Distance cries the heart
Loneliness calls for comfort
Questions hold answers



Oh, my hibiscus
I won’t hold on too tightly
For I must let go

Your flower smiles life                                                                                                                                             Yours is fleeting, a lesson                                                                                                                                            To smile as you do

Rejoice this moment
No matter what next transpires
Council in wise love

With age of wisdom
Dissolves adolescent ache
Richer be my heart

Still there is a tear
Reluctant with permission
Gracefully released


SOAR (An eagle’s release from sanctuary after rehabilitation)

Wing spread have I found,
I take your breath with me, helping me rise from the ground,
I demonstrate my draft and lift,
Given me for my gift.

If I could speak words ere I rise high above,                                                                                                      You’d hear me sing of all your love,
Listen, listen my forlorn solitary cries,
Ascending lofty heights, sweet infinite skies,

Thunderous shapes slicing through

Across canvas’ Navajo blue,

Wing to wing with angels touch,

Painting clouds with our feathered brush,

You cared for me like one of your own,
Your heart soars and breaks,
I feel you smile then moan,
My freedom with a loss that aches,
Know now shared spirit within you and me,
Sacred gift, miracle of Great One’s mystery.