Dear Dad – Happy Birthday

My dad would have been 95 tomorrow. If only he had lived to tell me, to answer my questions, especially, what is life all about?

“Dad, you never answered me when I asked about life, when I was 7. Thankfully, I am finding out to some extent now. Better late than never. Maybe you didn’t know how to tell me that we all must find meaning in our own way. Maybe you didn’t know how to put the answer into words. A little help would have been…helpful?”

“You were a kind, compassionate man who treated all beings with respect. You were a little impatient with the world to catch up to consciousness, which must be where that comes from in me. It is a good thing, if it is tempered. I am learning.”

“I thank you for still being in my heart. Thank you for your humor. I will make sure your two grandsons and your great grandchildren know you better. This way you will be planted in their hearts as well. And we can all carry you forward.”

“I know you didn’t mean to leave so soon. I just wish I could have had you longer. Happy Birthday dad. I love you always.”

Neal Harvey…good day.