Birthday Month, Days Six Through Nine

August 6 at 2:36am ·

Happy sixth day of your birthday month
even God rested on the sabbath…but then …some call saturday the sabbath and others call sunday the sabbath…. suffice it to say…he or she was tired and needed some rest after six days of creating…that’s some serious work, creating …..and so there was some serious resting on the seventh day…. but let us not get confused… today is the seventh day of the week, but the sixth day of your birthday month… so…… what up???

I need to do a sketch,…… Joey… I have this vision of a drawing or painting of the new human form….it has a cell phone as part of the hand… we tend to walk with it, drive with it, cook with it, sleep near it, shower near it, definitely eat near it, basically it has become a part of or an extension of many many many bodies….. it is your go to for just about anything…. don’t know something? just ask it….most of the time you don’t have to type, you can talk it …. the new human form….has a phone attached to the hand…go anywhere….and everywhere… we carry our phone in our hand a good part of the time… i want a sketch of the phone as part of the hand….

the hour is late
the day draws near
I know I must go dream
of images I hold dear

I picked up the ram’s horn tonight
and at first the sound was all awry
but with some effort and lung exercise
I managed to blast the call more like a cry

into the night and across the waves of the air
through me and all the world
i sent a sound to wake up, be aware
ready the flag of justice and compassion to be unfurled
sweet dreams


Happy 7th day of your birthday month

I thought of you the other night when I played Powerball
and of course to hit it big you have to get not one number
but you have to have them all
and instead of all the numbers, I had but one which was the power play,

alas it was only worth $12 on that particular day
but that paid for my wager
which was kind of nice
and made me think that you were floating in the air
and helping throw the dice

August 7 at 8:26am ·


sometimes i feel clever, then on occasion I do something pretty dumb..
.I may have several degrees, but sometimes I lack one……
that would be the one that I missed, from when the line was long way back whence,
and I just happened to be last in line when they were doling out,
each one’s share of common sense………….

LOL…so true so true so true..gots to LOL…..

just on one of those rolls….. two today….pleasant monday to y’all….happy monday….or if you can’t quite muster a “happy” how ’bout…friendly or funny? …half a smile?….modified smirk? compassion… i like compassion monday… compassion for someone you don’t really like…maybe they have some pain or emotional or otherwise wounds we don’t see and so they have a hard time being kindly and soft and gentle with others…or themselves… so let’s give them a compassionate thought today… and do it with yourself as well… compassion…give yourself an embrace.. you deserve it…because there is divine in you…and it needs to be honored


August 7 at 5:24pm ·

a poem I hope to put with a melody and fashion into a song
good luck they said don’t you realize it really is quite long
don’t fret he said because, where there is a will there is a way
and this ballad might just be around to get recorded I hope some day


I posted my piece “Whole in My Heart” already but I repeat it here as part of all my HOT AIR of August…lol.

The Whole in Your Heart

I think this is a song… after singing Adele’s “When We Were Young”…and repeatedly crying my eyes out the first few times trying to sing it, I then looked at this poem…and… I think with a few tweaks, this is a song, a ballad, a story, and I like it. And the “HE” can be switched to a “SHE” but I wrote it with a grieving woman in mind, so hence the “HE” here.


I will be honest here and say this straight to you

I wrote this with someone in mind that grieves and not specifically for you

I wrote it for them and for me and for anyone else grieving so

I wrote for strangers I never met and that I do not even know


but I realize now that I think it may possibly be a song

that I can sing with all my soul once I find a melody that belongs

I think it is a song, that has spoken through my heart

and will speak to others too who’ve seen someone dear depart


I hope you will indulge me, and I insult you in no way

with words I have not so perfectly here and there, put together for you today…..

I hope it brings a deep breath and sigh I hope not too many tears please don’t scoff

and if you do not like it much, please do not find you need to chop my head right off


and it may or may not

speak unto your aching heart

and please stay open to the feelings

and try not to pick it all apart


and it is my belief…..that the hole in your heart…. you say it will never heal….

and that is most likely true….

but you will find the hole gets a little smaller,

scars over and doesn’t bleed quite as profuse …….

and somehow if you stay open to it,


out of the ashes and the crumbling dust,

comes something you did not foresee and it emerges against this crust

this crust of scar and tissue and tears

you thought would go on and on and not end

because sometimes when you feel that way

you can’t see around the bend


and yes you can carry your pain

and even you may not want to give in to relief

and yes you can’t imagine

never carrying so much grief

and i won’t tell you not to grieve

oh you won’t hear that from me

but at some point you may transform some of that pain

into something you could not see


right now you still feel bitter,

and you hurt for what you lost

you will always carry that pain (some of that will always remain)

and it came at an uncountable cost


but some pain you will transform to love

for he would not want you to suffer so

and I would bet all I had (not much ’tis true) that if he could talk to you

he would say,


“one day you will be able to take that pain, and feel my love instead

and I want you to embrace the world and try to wrap this around your head”


“that I gave you a gift my love ….that was, my love you know,

and now you cannot hold on to that too tight (for that would not be right)

I just want you to start to think what good, if you do not share

don’t hold my love that tightly, there are others waiting there

who need that love which is meant to spread, and shine my light with your love and grace, 

it is this way that you honor me and our love, by giving it away” 


“you give to the child that is sick

you give it to your friend or family

you give it to a homeless hungry soul

that is how you honor me”


“and in this way as you give my love

you are giving your self a gift

for you may just find as you share my love

you give yourself a lift”


“you are sharing me with the world, and not so selfish be

for as you share love with the world you honor and remember me”


“a lift from pain to joy (joy? how is that, that I could feel say you)

yes joy again my darling one, for that is what is real

when you feel joy my wings do move and I so softly alight

and light here where I am, becomes just a little more, yes,

a little more intensely bright”


Neal Klein

August 8 at 11:45am ·

i am still chuckling at the potato head…lol…imagine…ha…detachable….change…appropriate for the occasion….ha…. click on…click off…lol…which one should I wear today…lol



Neal Klein

August 8 at 1:53am ·

I took my Rams horn (shofar) to the mountain…pronounce that mouwntane…and I blew to rouse kingdom come….. I blew on the mouwntane top and I blew into the valley of the river…. and there was a mighty echo, and a resounding rumbling call to god to deliver us from evil…. may the walls of Jericho crack and tumble…may the walls come tumblin’ down, and may y’all have a pleasant night sleep, and in the morning still be around. (An’ don y’all worry u self nun, i b ok in da mornin’)

ugust 8 at 1:28am ·

why is my last post, not here…maybe it will show up later…damn…dun thaout dat stuff go la la land… now it appears… dat sum crazee facebook


August 8 at 1:06am ·

d to be happy birthday stuff, day 8…

sad…the couple I met in Washington D.C., 61 year old man and his wife … he had had pancreatic cancer five years. He was home, I think with home hospice care, he passed onto a higher plane last night, and joined the rest of the angels. Even though I had just met them, I liked them both right off the bat. And his spirit and determination were of superhero caliber. His love is now entrusted to all those whose lives he touched and we will carry him with us. The angels just got one heck of a superangel on their team now. My flickering memorial candle is lit for you …welcome home.

My brother’s ex’s father, ie, his ex- father – in – law has passed at age 102. Another one the angels will be very happy to have on their team… he was very with it for someone 102.

Ok, so now we have to do something light, something bright, something with a little humor…some jokes…I posted then here…what is this…hide and seek?? here jokey jokeys……..where are you????

 August 8 at 12:54am ·

he forgot to attach it….lol (see potato head cartoon)


August 9 at 10:49am ·

day 9, Happy Birthday Month

so, Em, I have your wedding band on my left hand, pinky finger, and had to take mine off because my fingers are too swollen. and I was wearing your spin ring on my fourth finger for the last few months, but, it was also bothering me…so the fifth finger is covered and the fourth finger is now naked….very strange feeling after 16 years….very strange….and emotional too…. damn…. I used to not like wearing rings and for the last how many months I have had three (i had the spin AND my wedding band for awhile, plus yours) then two, now one……and it looks and feels different….it is different… and…I may get mine resized, or not…it is starting a new phase… I think I need to leave finger four open for now….did I already say that this is emotional???????

yes, I have the inset aztec or pueblo indian turquoise ring you got me, that is for my right hand, I sent it back and they replaced the broken one…so don’t worry, I have that one and when it breaks again ….. I will get another like it…… but rings are just rings….YOU are in my heart, no matter what is on my fingers….so do not worry and do not frown (you can’t frown where you are anyway) there is always a place for you in my heart, even if I meet someone else at some point, they will have to be comfortable sharing…just the way it is…they will have to have a heart big enough…who knows, they may also be carrying someone in THEIR heart, so I too will have to share…. like I said, a new phase…not there yet…but thinking about it is the beginning…and just so you know….our friend from california is helping to keep me out of trouble…but you already know that….

So, enjoy the songs I will sing…because ………….Yes, I sing for me, but also for you….You made him pick the Adele song, didn’t you? I thought so………..”when we were young”……it is taking a while to sing it without tears, but I am getting there….I like it…a lot…it really speaks to and opens up my heart…..happy day 9

There were also some pictures on Day 9.  A butterfly named flutter, in the butterfly bush garden, and a picture of me on the hiking trail overlooking the river valley, with the rams horn being richly resounding in its echo.

Neal Klein
Life After Emilee, on the loss of my wife to pancreatic cancer. I’m not accepting comments right now but please feel free to get in touch via my Contact page.