Birthday Month, Day Ten to Sixteen

On Day 10, there was my singing of Adele’s All I Ask, and then Adele’s singing it.

On Day 11, a video clip of flutter in the garden for five seconds, and pictures of the hibiscus and the flower gardens, including one as it is getting dark, showing the red and green gardens lit up, and the pool with white lights.

On Day 12, August 12 at 9:26am ·

Oh my good god…. after listening to this… I have to redo my version….. this is amazing…… made me almost ashamed of my post…. geez…. i got some more work to do…..I was going to try a version like this…but…LOL…my phone ran out of space half way through……lol LOL LOL…is there a message in that?????????? will have to free some up….space, that is……..LOL… and next version would have to be in my falsetto voice…. I will try it …………..this really is beautiful……


All I Ask – Adele (cover)Cover by Aaron Encinas , Mia Pfirrman and Matt Bloyd. This song hits close to home so I figured I’d invite my friends to help me process through this. Matt

ok…enough for the moment for day to move it to her page…just realize, that as some of this is not rearranged in the right order the last two days, as it is from facebook, which has most recent on top. So some of this has day 14 before you get to day 13.

sometimes you just have to have more than one version….. and this reminds me of when we went to see her…. it was a very very memorable concert….. radio city music hall??? I think that is where we were… were there with us, right?? or…I should say I was there with you….lol. This was special music for you and her…….


Carole King – I Feel the Earth Move (from Welcome To My Living Room)

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this was vacuuming music….LOL…. turn up the volume…way up…


CAROLE KING (Live) – I Feel The Earth Move

Earth mama gives a great live performance…….



I fell in love with this song (Terra Nova), when I first heard it…….the harmony? the words? the feelings? the funky transitions from slow to funky and the marching beat…back to smooth ….back and forth….”I miss my lovely mother, and I love my lonely father…I hear my sister singing…” and then the end with carly simon….. “I’ve come home to stop yearning”….. that harmony at the end has remained in one of the convoluted meninges of my brain…like so many other bits of tunes….for many many years…. Em would have loved this cove…from what I read…It is on Martha’s Vineyard…from wikipedia, it is a pretty location and has some history….. “out to the west of Lambert’s Cove, there is a sail out in the sun….I’ll stay away from you no more…I’ve come home to stop yearning… ” I have come home to stop yearning…… how SWEET is that… maybe that should be a beautiful epitaph….eh??????… better yet…a nice poem for an anniversary…or a wedding…


James Taylor w/ Carly Simon – Terra Nova

Featuring an acapella coda by Carly Simon (3:34). From James Taylor’s album “JT” –



even they had some jazz from time to time….jazz and definitely some good old funk in this version of an old children’s song…yeeeeee haaaaaa

Mockingbird – Carly Simon & James Taylor

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I wanted to share something else of Hubert Laws….since amazing grace is so….just one of a kind in it’s own genre…. here we have a little jazz that if you can go with the flow…. and float away for a few…. you see how skilled he is …..and the members of this quintet…are some incredible musicians


Hubert Laws Quintet – Land of Passion

Land of Passion by Hubert Laws Hubert Laws, Flute, David Budway, Piano, Rob Mullins, Keyboards, John Leftwich, Bass, Ralph Penland, Drums. The song is Amazing Grace.


When I first heard this song, aside from the tears in my eyes ’cause I just felt it move thru every cell in my body….. I was just so taken with the beauty of the sound and the feeling of emotion…… I think I just thought it was the best since white bread….lol…. the plain old amazing grace always felt like it was missing the nuances that are in this version… and so it never was the same for me after hearing this…. some things are like that…you know what I mean?????? you just can’t go back, because an experience, a memory, an epiphany, a moment in time, a song…or someone’s words…or a passage in a book…. a touch…a look on someone’s face… a sunset…a …you get the picture, the idea, the feeling…


Amazing Grace – Hubert Laws

One of the most peaceful, reflective instrumental-readings of Amazing Grace by Hubert Laws. Featured on: Morning Star and…



ok..well..happy day 14 of Em’s birthday month… and not sure if i ever posted this song…so…I will post a few… hubert laws on flute playing amazing grace…. and a carol king not sure which yet…. and maybe a carly simon or james taylor…or both…we’ll see in a minute..


this is the perfect beat for me for dancing…..not bad for a funky walking workout either….. 


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Yesterday at 9:16am ·

Em…you would like this pic today…happy day 13 of your b day month


 Neal Klein shared Emilee McDermott Klein‘s photo.

Yesterday at 8:46am ·

ahh…he is a man of my own heart…I too love blueberries…every morning in my cereal…and I too…make sure I get the last one….lol


May 26, 2009 ·

Hands free…love my blueberries!

And to this day….he still has food on his face at the end of a meal (So, his mom replied).

Aawww….but that is a sign of his appreciation….like in the middle east, a burp is acknowledgement of liking your cooking….he has just adapted that to food on his face…. we must PRAISE him for his sensitivity and ability to become ONE with his food……(smile)

memories……  The pictures did not transfer here. One is my grandson Max when he was two, sitting in a high chair with the bowl of cereal tipped onto his face so that all you see is the bowl, and his hands are up in the air, like he is saying “Look, no hands, and I got all the blueberries out of the bottom of the bowl”.


Emilee McDermott Klein

November 3, 2008 ·

The truncated caption reads….”if you could see how much spit is coming out of that thing, you would barf!” Lol  The picture was of Max standing on my shoulders at a parade, and he has a toy bugle Emilee and I had just given him, and it makes noise if you blow into it, and he did not stop blowing his horn, he was loving it.

And my comment about the bowl on his face, was “ahh…he is a man of my own heart…I too love blueberries…every morning in my cereal…and I too…make sure I get the last one”….lol

Worth repeating…and the picture was posted again. They may post when I go from edit to publish mode, we shall see.  If so, then you did not need the explanation.


Day 15 and 16

So the last couple of days have been music posts of Ronny Jordan and some Boney James. Ronnie Jordan is moving and dancing music at least the ones I posted are, and the Boney James are slow and pretty. I see that Ronnie Jordan died in 2014, he was only 52.

Joey sent me a text this morning. His mother’s name is Emily and she is also a Virgo. He also said to me, “you are half way there”. I started crying. See, these things still happen. I am not sure what nerve he touched either. I think it was acknowledgement that this month has special challenges and feelings, and I was touched that someone noticed. It doesn’t take much.

I saw Ed the social worker at Smilow yesterday. He said something, I don’t remember what. I think it had to do with how much I am doing and how far I have come along, and again, the tears. It was like an emotional embrace.

I went to Stella’s Blues last night. Open mike night. I did not go to sing. Bob had said there was a good singer/original songwriter that performs. I wanted to hear her, but I did not see her there. It was all right for a while, then I got tired of sitting there and went home. Congrats for hanging out at a bar by myself drinking free soda. Yes, I left a tip.

Neal Klein
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