A Selection of Recent and a Few Not Recent Poems

I realize I want to create another post with humorous poems. I don’t think these are the kind that make you laugh, but hopefully they make you feel something.

The Em in December

your hair is sun shining
your dance floats on a note
sailing through space
a dream all afloat
your smile warms my heart
your eyes full of light
your hugs are my heaven
like a lullaby’s delight


Inspired by a video of a sanctuary releasing a bald eagle after rehabbing it back to health


Wing spread have I found,
I take your breath with me leaving from the ground,
I demonstrate my lift,
Given me for my gift,
If I could speak words ere I rise high above,
You’d hear me sing of all your love,
Listen my forlorn solitary cry,
Watch me sail through magnificent sky,
You cared for me like one of your own,
Your heart soars and breaks,
I feel you smile and moan,
Know now the shared spirit in you and me,
Is but another miracle of the Great One’s mystery.



Haiku placates Blue

All I can hear is,
the rhythm of your voices,
breathing me to peace … nmk



what color is pain
what color suffering,
a common affliction of each human soul?

is it blue for sad
is it red for mad or bleeding really bad
is it black when no light can find, can find its way through
or is it green when you think others don’t feel, don’t feel what you do?

perhaps it is white for hope,
or yellow or pink or purple or what makes you feel joy,
and from experience you have come to know,
that this too will pass and after you allow yourself to feel it,
as it came so shall it go

of course I know, I simplify, and speak of pieces of the whole (or is it hole)
but perhaps each time you repeat this process, if able to allow,
it adds a touch of wisdom to your soul,
and another wrinkle, to your brow

or just maybe the whole purpose is not about you,
nor to bring you anguish, more suffering, make you bitter,
nor on your parade to shower a deluge of rain,
but to make you more human and more sensitive
and to add room in your heart to feel, and help ease, another person’s pain?  just sayin’


Trust is for Use, Not Abuse

A child trusts you with their life.
You are their whole world.
You hold their life in your hands.
Never abuse that trust.

The earth trusts us with her life.
She is our whole world.
We hold her life in our hands.
Never abuse that trust.

A pet trusts us with their life.
We are their world.
We hold their lives in our hands.
Never abuse that trust.

A partner trusts us with their life.
We share each other’s worlds.
We hold each other’s souls.
Never abuse that trust.

I trust myself with my life.
I share my world, my love, with the world, and the world shares its love with me.                                                 I hold my life in my hands.
I share the world with others.
May I never abuse that trust.

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While on my walk

Apple on a ledge.
It was so scared it was petrified.
It just…got under my skin.
Shook me from the tree
The seed of all evil
A disfigurement
Rotten to the core
A fruit foreboding of
The winter of our discontent
A Fall from Grace
An existential esoteric place
A solemn disintegrating trace
Of a shiny once read saucy place
An apple on a ledge



Where Do I Feel?

what colors do I feel?
what sounds move my blood?
what feelings do I taste?
Am I stuck in the mud?

where are my feelings in my body?
what do they feel like?
Do I recognize their faces, locate their places and allow myself to work through the paces?
Can I investigate and see, and allow them to be,
and as I allow, can I figure them out somehow?
Is there tightness, burning, hot or cold,
do I double over into a fold?
Is there a churning knot, a bubbling pot, some constriction in my flow,
Can my Charlie Chan, Holmes and Watson figure out what I really need to know?
Where’s the anger, shame, worry in those knots,
where’s the fear, the hurt, the pain that’s stabbing me a lot?
Am I gritting my teeth and is my neck or my jaw that tight?
Is my gut grumbling, turning around and over, is my heart palpitating in a fright? Thinking fight, freeze, or flight?
Is there something keeping me up at night?

what color is that feeling in my gut?
what sound is throbbing as I walk and strut?
I usually taste both the bitter and the sweet,
Can I investigate and nurture, while keeping balanced on my feet?



One’s Sacred Breath

vapors on a cold wintry night,
breath seen, invisible visible for a heartbeat,
momentary clouds materialize then dissolve,
vapors float and move, elusive fog,
a feather moves,
on a stream of vapor from Her.
The feather moves as an angel flutters her wings,
caressed by Her it moves as in a dream,
it dances, it undulates,
towards the one She has chosen to receive an embrace,
and the feather dances with Spirit,
Spirit of time,
boundless time,
no time,
Blessed with sacred breath, it dances on vapors,
wisps of love,
as it finds the one She chose.



Off My Knees

I smell your hair on your pillow

I taste your mac and cheese

I feel your arms around me

I hear god bless you when I sneeze

I hear your slightly off-key singing

I try to harmonize

But you keep changing pitch

Just to see me roll my eyes

You always liked to play

And always liked to tease

You knew so well that when you left

It would take time to get me up off my knees



Eyes of a Child, Gift You Left

When you left you gave a gift

My heavy heart first weighted down

Butterflies attached to my heart to lift

Spirits to dissipate my frozen frown

You cracked open a world of words

Words sometimes hard to rhyme

A land of seeing with new eyes

Visions, symphonies uncovered, for me to find

Hearing what I had never heard

Feeling Spirit’s hand tame and wild

Learning to see once again like the first time

With eyes of a child