Poem – Falling

This poem came as I was feeling pulled to sadness, as I approach the one year anniversary of Emilee’s death from this plane of existence and into another.


When I am feeling blue

I have half a dozen things to, but don’t want, to do

Then suddenly goes the floor

It recedes, drops and beckons like a lure

Descent is swift, suffocating air rushing by

I can’t catch my breath on the fly

I am trying to make a single choice

As inner demons’ voices crescendo in premature rejoice

And in my free fallin’ crush

I reach for some handhold to slow, voices to muffle and hush,

And slow my downward drift

I begin to regain my voice to lift

My spirit to out-sing the voices dark

Harmonize what they color stark

Start my steps to retrace

Back from dark inner voices’ abysmal place

And pull myself up into the light

Find my melody with harmony’s arms holding tight

And see, can I embody and behold

Joy and Sad in the same place,

As I straighten out my folds.

I embrace the two in some uncharted harmony

Then Sad doesn’t have the same pull on me.

The third from the last line makes more sense after this quote from ….Maria Rilke

“Where I am folded in upon myself, there I am a lie.”