Yelling Into The Phone Can Be Cathartic

Yelling into the phone can be cathartic

I was so involved in trying to find a therapist…I got excited when I found someone that sounds good on paper, and wrote her a brief…

a brief…..ahem….synopsis of my current neural map…now to a lay person, that may be bizarre…hopefully she is used to reading convoluted hieroglyphic depictations of a brain that is NOT on drugs…I gave her a piece of my mind….I just hope she is kind enough to give it back….we shall see…

And don’t you worry about me…I am on auto pilot…. I took a walk….I scheduled someone to come look at my decrepitating fence….I wrote to a therapist…I spoke to social security….I called my health insurance… and that is where the trouble began…TROUBLE

They passed me to ….no exaggeration …6 different people…and after each one I had to go thru the same five voice prompts…I tried to YELL at them with all the diaphragm that I have, but each time I started to yell at someone they put me back to the voice prompts.

Then, the volume on their end kept getting softer and softer…and softer…and soon…I couldn’t hear what they were saying anymore….I was so confused as to whether I should laugh or cry….but it wasn’t worthy of any tears.

So I just yelled some more and then laughed….as I was still on hold, I got another call on my cell phone (I was on the house phone), and I was yelling at the guy on the phone not realizing how F’g loud I was talking…and when I apologized, he told me his wife was on the phone for 5 hours with their health insurance company, so he understood. I did get a good laugh out of it with him on the phone…..and so it goes…

I called a health insurance broker and got the answers I was looking for right away…first, he answered the phone right away…and in fifteen minutes I had the info I needed…. All in all… I guess I managed to get a few things accomplished today…any body reading this think I am just a tad off the wall, raise your hand…..ha…I can’t see your hand anyway….so there…. but hugs accepted graciously and given in return

A peaceful Easter and thanks for listening to my rants.

Neal Klein
Life After Emilee, on the loss of my wife to pancreatic cancer. I’m not accepting comments right now but please feel free to get in touch via my Contact page.