Poem – Welcome Home



Behold …

A magnificent city lies before you

Waiting to receive the essence of your soul.


And what should form the substance of this city’s structures,

Its buildings its shelters its roofs and walls,

Its wind, earth, and all its essences…

Goodness and kindness, forgiveness and mercy,

Faith, hope and love are reflected in each atom’s vibrations.

Compassion and the spirit of the universe in the wind, in the air breathed.

Listen and hear the ground telling stories of freedom and light,

Talking to the sky.

Listen with your heart.

There is a voice which beckons you to share in the song,

To sing along in the harmony.

Flowers in a fragrant voice sweetly lure you with their calling,

To add to the compassion that overflows the melodies.

Hear the voice

Calling you home,

Steady, surely, sweetly,

Hear the voice

Calling your name,

Calling your name.

You are going home,

Follow and walk into the light.

Bathed in the light, you become the light,

Beloved of the universe,

Welcome home.

To the silence, to the deep,

To the eternal symphony beyond sleep.

Wash away all tears,


Welcome home.