Poem – Chemo At The End

This came out of both a conversation, and remembering. Rather than seeing this decision as a giving in, if it can be reframed in such a way that the person is not feeling defeat, but somehow empowered, then the time remaining is seen with a different set of eyes. It is not easy to do.


Chemo Towards the End


Chemo towards the end

Is not much of a friend

It promises some extra time

But drains your body and your mind

Until you reach a time when you say goodbye to your so-called chum

And tell her thanks it is time to go it on your own but its been fun

And you learn to savor any moment that is bright

Even though your body is getting tired, you appreciate the shining light

The glimmer you start to see

In the distance, the arms that will hold you when you’re too tired to be

And you can finally rest

No longer struggling to take a breath

Others wish you well on your sojourn

Those that will miss you and those that will mourn

You can follow the light to another land

as you take hold of a heavenly hand