P.U.T.Z. Party


I am starting a new political party. Right now, I am the sole member. It is called P.U.T.Z. or the PUTZ party. It stands for pick up trash zealously. I formed this party this morning after zealously picking up trash around the road just outside of the cemetery. I got tired of seeing it laying just outside the cemetery property and on several neighboring lawns.

I decided there needs to be a P.U.T.Z. party. I am wondering if I ran for president on a PUTZ platform if people would rally and vote for me. One of my many slogans will be “A vote for me is a vote for trash.” Perhaps…”Trump or Trash… who would you prefer to pick up after?”

My gut twists inside when I see the ground littered so shamefully. I wonder if other people feel the disgrace that I do that we could treat our home like this. Earth is my home. This is my little piece of it. I notice the disrespect wherever I go.

NOW, I plan to do a little cleaning or in the proper vernacular … picking up trash zealously…sometimes referred to as “Putzing” around…on a daily basis… if anyone is interested in “Putzing” around with me.. please get in touch through the usual channels. And just in case you feel like contacting your representative and expressing your concern for the environment, tell them…

“We can all do with some more “Putzing” around and less Schmutz on our roads. And…Putz Trumps Schmutz Daily … Or simply… PTSD…any day of the week.”

Just wondering and pondering. This is Neal Harvey… Good day!