No Worry, No Hurry

I got the mail from the mailbox

Then noticed some trash across the street.

I checked both ways and crossed,

To retrieve the tiny cinnamon whiskey bottle someone had tossed.

I came back across and threw the trash in my can,

I got back in my car and then,

As I started out my driveway I asked,

Did I get my mail yet and I laughed.

Sometimes I worry about my brain,

As I looked at the mail next to me again.

I think about what will be,

When I forget I forgot I lost my memory.

When I no longer think it’s funny and no longer laugh,

‘Cause instead of full I’m functioning at half,

And A Tear came to my eye,

As I let a husband help his wife across the parking lot of the pharmacy.

Wondering if that will one day be me,

How long before I can’t move so well, I guess only time will tell.

About tomorrow I do my best not to worry,

I will accomplish my tasks at hand,

keep in mind not to hurry,

and March to the rhythm of my own band.


It will all unfold

at its own pace

I wonder how long

before I fall on my face,

and when asked what happened

have no recall, not even a trace.