A Journal Entry of Emilee’s and Celine Dion’s Music, and Twinkle

https://youtu.be/rn4F4HhXrVI     Celine Dion …..Miracle, A Celebration of New Life

Emilee would listen to this every night to help soothe her and calm some of her anxiety. She liked it so much she bought one for all the family members.

Her favorite nursery rhyme was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and we used to sing it sometimes, together, and it gave her some comfort. I think her grandma used to sing it to her.

A journal entry from May 2, 20016….a chemo day…just about one year after diagnosis (which was on May 9, 2015). On this day, JOY was spelled with a shawl, a flower, a gift for a fairy garden, and a robin’s nest.


Had an x-ray of my rib and lungs.

I bent over the console in the car and felt a crack and pop, and it hurt!

Guess it’s just a muscle pull thank God.

Chemo went okay. Fell asleep for a while and was greeted with a beautiful note from a former patient I sat next to one day.

With the note was a prayer quilt that someone had made for her and she passed it on to me!!

It made me cry and made my day. I’ve wanted one since my dad got one at hospice and Jake had one also.

After chemo we stopped to pick up dinner and stopped over Christie’s flower store. I was telling her about how beautiful and how much I enjoyed the Victorian roses and she ran inside and brought me one. Neal bought me a moss-covered mushroom for my outside fairy garden.

It was a day of “Gifts from the Heart”. Such a Good Day!

P.S. Day two of Robin’s Nest! (A nest outside her window that a robin had built especially for her, and she was thrilled to watch. It was incredible the joy that brought her.)


And, the card…on the front there is a polar bear lying on its back in the snow with its feet up with this look of contentment and playfulness, obviously a child. The inside is a hand written note.

Hope… “Of all the forces that make for a better world, none is so powerful as hope. With hope, one can think, one can work, one can Dream…

If you have hope….you have everything…”

Dear Emilee,

I would like to share with you this prayer shawl which was given to me by a dear friend as I was going

through my chemo treatments. It was made by and prayed over by, a prayer group in MA.

I think about you often, and you’re in my prayers in the morning and in the evening.

Much love, and God’s blessings