Poem – Breath of God

What does the breath of God look like?

Breath of God

Vapors, on a cold wintry night

When breath is seen

Invisible made visible

Momentary clouds materialize

Only to dissolve

Vapors, that float and move, towards, away from.

Away from the mouth of God.

Towards the one chosen.

That is how a feather moves. On a stream of vapor uttered from Her and Him.

For She is He and He is She and both are They and both are God.

The feather moves, an angel flutters her wings.

Caressed by God’s breath it moves as in a dream. It dances.

It undulates towards the chosen one.

The one god has chosen to receive such an embrace.

And the feather dances with spirit.

Spirit of time.

Boundless time.

No time.


For it is blessed with God’s breath and it dances on vapors,

wisps of love.