Roe v. Wade

Roe v. Wade…So as I’m standing here thinking about this post which only my friend Marcia commented on, I’m thinking how would I feel if someone told me I couldn’t have a vasectomy. Because if I had a vasectomy I might be preventing the birth of a child that wasn’t born yet.

Okay it’s not exactly the same, but it’s not that much different either. And I wouldn’t like it. My body, my decision, my issue to wrestle with. Maybe it’s okay in my religion, maybe my religion forbids it and I won’t do it; but maybe my religion says it’s okay for me to make the choice. Or I am having a hard time wrestling with the religion part of it. And maybe someone else’s religion shouldn’t be imposed on mine.

I understand it is both an emotional issue, and a religious issue, and yes even a legal/ethical issue these stupid days, but God damn it, it shouldn’t be a political issue. Especially by, pardon the expression, jerk off men. Okay I said I wasn’t writing this essay yet I just needed to put $0.02 in since no one said much yet.

I’m just trying to get a sense of how I would feel if someone told me what I could or couldn’t do regarding having a child that I was pregnant with. I am very clear how I would feel.

If I decided for either health reasons, psychological reasons, or any other gut twisting god damn reasons that I did not want to have this child, it is my body, my decision and everyone else butt the hell out.

It is difficult enough for a woman to have to make that choice, everyone else should stay out of my body. My body. My choice. No matter what.

You don’t agree? Fine. You don’t get an abortion. You choose for you, I choose for me. Who do you think you are anyway? It is Between me and my conscience and my god and my life.

I did say I was Not writing this yet, right? Okay. Good. I will breathe now.

Neal Harvey… on some kind of role. Roll. Sesame. Everything. Steam.