Restless Is The Kingdom

In the beginning, before there was woman or man, there were the animals.

Recently, they have been disturbed by the POTUS ignoring scientific information and factual knowledge listening only to the voices inside his own head and the group of ignoramuses that he has surrounded himself with.

The animals decided to convene a confederation with Representatives from the entire Kingdom. They feel that voices must be raised and action must be taken to prevent a tragedy of Untold proportions.

As a rule, they are violent only when necessary for their own Survival. But sometimes drastic measures are needed to set things back on course. And, they are beginning to believe that their survival is at stake. And so it was decided that Community Action would be necessary.

The solemn and stately leaders of the conference was the same pride of lions that brought Swift Justice to the evil poachers recently. Their integrity is unquestionable. And their Justice is Swift.

An operation is being planned but the specifics are known only to a select few that will participate in the action.

In the meantime, a laughing hyena nominated spokesperson of the day, mentioned how proud she was of the humans that have raised their voices for the environment and all its inhabitants. “This is not a laughing matter. We must continue to raise our voices together in unison against this onslaught of imbecility,” said with utmost sincerity in spite of the smile on her face which of course she could not help.

I will continue to report as more details become available. For now, a participant who asked to remain anonymous, stated that, “Heads of state will roll.” For some reason, I don’t think he was talking in metaphoric language. At least I hope not.

Neal Harvey…good night.