Poems – Winter’s Sad, Clouds, Sun, Parkland’s Students Raise Voices and Rise Up

Apologies…the formatting for whatever reason….on this first poem, is all messed up and I cannot fix it…..and the other item of note…as I reread the second poem titled “A Break,” it just had the image of Emilee coming for a visit…that is just how it feels…that our breaths mingled for a few moments, before she was gone again….whew….welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll….there go the eye faucets again…….

The first few poems are a taste of moods, then follows poems of anguish and protest regarding the Parkland Florida tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, on February 14, 2018 where seventeen more individuals, students and adult, were killed by a nineteen year old using an assault style weapon.

Sometimes I get sad this time of year

POEM for Sandra Asadora Dancer

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz times two,                                                                                                                                              That is what part of me wants to do.

Seems like the last third of the winter season, plus the weather,                                                                        Has an overcast blanket pulled up and over my head,                                                                                          And as soon as I am up in the morning to the bathroom,                                                                                    I just want to go back to bed.

Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful and grateful this rain is not snow,                                                        (Oh my god we would never get out),                                                                                                                      Yet I still can’t seem to clear my head                                                                                                                      Out of this funky gray swirling cloud.

Between the Seventeen Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School deaths                                                  And the brilliant student voices sung strong,                                                                                                          Contrasted against the absurd inane politicians and lobbyists                                                                    Who have no light inside their skulls now, nor have they all along.

I am sporting a lead scarf weighing me down on the scale,                                                                      Gravity got heavier on my shoulders,                                                                                                                    As if I am wearing                                                                                                                                                        A giant sad melancholy humpback whale.

An empty shroud of DISMAL, wages battle to my whole being As I wade through this fog,            Wondering when I will trudge my way out,     Out of this dreary, deeply lonesome bog.

And sure I know one of these days, which right now Doesn’t seem to be too near,                                        The bog will dry, the whale and scarf will slide off,                                                                                              And the deep ache of this forlorn lonely dismal fog will clear.



did you catch it, there was a break
in the clouds, you see

and for a few moments I felt it take
a moment, I felt the warmth of the sun
the warmth of the sun took a moment on me in that break

on ME there was light and the shadows now scattered, the shroud torn
apart into shards of glass that split and lit
the earth into a knowing wisp of a smile
before casting shadows once again
everywhere, where gray became the shade,

day once again mimicking the long and restless night
reminding me of dreams I wanted to forget
and yet, with that breath of bright,

the warmth to my skin making my soul alight,

I felt a sigh like I’d seen a lover long out of sight whose touch kindled heavenly air breathed two as one, the fog of our breaths two streams that merged and mingled and gently spread back to where they came,

did you catch it, there was a break
in the clouds, you see

The next two poems are written in Japanese Haiku style, although it is supposed to be only three lines for a Haiku, and they are supposed to stand alone, I have strung a bunch of them together. A Haiku poem is by syllables, with the three lines being 5, 7, 5, respectively. It is good practice counting on my fingers…makes me feel young, and very much paying attention to the moment at hand, no pun.


my sun, my dear sun
my light gone I must let go
it still hurts me so

rain on me again
hiding from me behind clouds
know you’ll return when

like a promise kept
I smiled at your light and wept
grateful your face seen

my faith you inspire
again you’ll reveal your fire
once more warm my heart

joy my soul will scream
forget about letting go
hold tight to the dream

until time to release
and start again all over
breathe in peace my love


SKY and I

I saw sky tonight
Her’s the touch I most needed
Bliss unimpeded

SHE sang me a song
My Heart’s tatters healed just right
Soul soothed did alight

Thus I fell for HER
For SHE gave me all SHE had
Joyfully we’re mad

SKY inside of me
Loving HER is loving YOU
What else could I do

Shooting star loves SKY
When black’s Blue as blue can be
Loving you love me


The following poems were written for the latest of school shootings, tragedies, deaths, and a call to activism from some very brave youth.


Seventeen deaths, we pray no more

Not even God knows what’s in store.

Was not just one child’s death enough to heed the call,

Before so many had to fall?

Safety for our children’s every breath,

Before there’s one more unnecessary death.




A child’s voice

A call to Rise

Please listen,

Listen to our forlorn cries.

Wake Wake from your slumber,

For we are large and loud in number,

and won’t rest till we know our pain has rung,

Throughout our nation’s land,

our mournful song will be sung.



wake up wake up
those in power
use it wisely
or kiss goodbye your last hour


arise youthful conscience
ye lads and lasses
no more patience


peaceful protest
growing strong
you’ll hear our cries
‘fore very long                                                                                                                                                                   NmK



Voices loud

Voices strong

Not in vain

We sing our song

Till every dead child’s

Soul will cheer

As falls our plea of tears

On no more deaf ears

Awake souls of heart

We want you to start

Stir your conscience if left you have a soul

Start to heal what’s torn and make it whole

Before it is ripped beyond repair

And you are left standing there

With empty power in your hands

And no more love left in our lands