Poem – Sunset Surprise

 okay…there is a Haiku coming…i am feeling it … but first …. the sunset was supreme tonight… it was a symphony… the sunset in the west was spectacular….a mysterious haze all aglow and ablaze… it was sprinkling and showering rain drops that were glistening as they danced their way down …and as if that were not magic enough… in the east over part of north haven near all saints cemetery was a beautiful rainbow… I was on my bike, I would have missed the rainbow, but a couple walking at the cemetery pointed it out to me…. sweeeeeeeeeeet

Sunset Surprise


I am not sure why

rainbows, sometimes, make me cry

I don’t need to know


I think the beauty

overwhelms me that moment

feeling gushes forth


raindrops like snow flakes

sun’s glow magnified through haze

rainbow sunset blaze